Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Your Child Isn't a Plaything: Modern Glamour Babies

photo by cristina mallet, stylist.com

I used to be on a kick about piercing newborn babies ears.
My ideas on piercing is that it should be the child's choice and done at an age when they are able to learn to take care of their ears themselves. Plus it took nine long months to shape those precious little ears in your womb. Why put holes in them as soon as they come out? Well lately, I have found this argument to be triffling to say the least. Iv'e been faced with a new controversy...

Its starting younger and younger, the whole glamour child thing that is. Im talking about the Jonbenet Ramsy type little girls. We have all seen images of three and four year old girls in high heels, fake tans, big earrings, sequins, and too big hair strutting on stages in the provocative outfits their mothers have chosen for that week's beauty contest. Many of us have cringed at the bright pink lipstick, dark blue eyeshadow, and fake lashes donned by these tiny tots. Could it possibly get worse? Yes and sadly it has.

Don't get me wrong, I love a little glitter sometimes and have been known to go ga ga over little skirts with ribbons and sequins. However, I believe a little goes a long way. In my online shopping time for the baby I keep running across out-landish baby girl clothes. I recently stumbled upon a picture of a baby girl, not even one year old yet, in a bright pink tutu dress with sequined spaghetti straps, baby high-heels, and pearls and earrings hanging from her neck and ears. She also had a gigantic flower the size of my fist attached to her head. (and of course the site didn't allow me to copy the picture for you) I must wonder what this kid will be wearing by the time she hits kindergarten. If the little girl had, had on just one or two of these pieces it may not have struck me the way it did. A cute flowered headband with a simple, pretty dress would have done the trick. Or, perhaps the dress alone with little ballet flats would have been perfectly adorable. Instead I was left with this creepy feeling that Jonbenet (God rest her little soul) won't be alone for long in her tragedy.

Why are parents doing this to their little girls? Don't they realize that their sweet daughters look like hookers? I think even Dolly Parton, whom I love by the way, would be ashamed of this new baby girl fad. We are teaching these little girls that you have to fake it to be beautiful. I suppose stage makeup will soon be a thing of the past because it will be the norm. This is a bad habit to start, not to mention an expensive one.

I did some research on these glamorous baby items and they cost a pretty penny. These were the cheapest I could find:

Rinestone studded tutu at tutugirl.com: $56.99

Flower Headband at lullabiesandlollipops.com: $18.00

Baby High Heels by Heelarious at gadgetgirl.com: $35.00

Baby's First Pearl Necklace at adorablebabygifts.com: $40.00

Baby Hoop Earrings at jewelbasket.com: $67.00

Grand total: $216.99

I found that tutu dresses range any where from $50-$300.

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Dana Ferguson said...

My favorite blog.....EVER!!!! :O)

Lisa said...

I too have to agree 150% with everything you said! It is actually sad that these moms and dads out there think this is really cute. It makes me feel sad for the little girls well actually it is these babies...it is not just little girls anymore.