Friday, July 10, 2009

My First Stretch Mark!

So Im drying off after a shower and look at my belly in the mirror and get all warm and fuzzy about the life that I am growing inside me. Then I take a sneak peak at the back...."What is that on my caboose?" "Please tell me that someone drew a little squiggly line on my hiney with a purple pen in the middle of the night." Nope, its definitely my first stretch mark. After mountains of Palmer's along with other elasticity promising lotions, it finally happened. The sad part is that it is most likely only the beginning. I knew it would happen but hoped it wouldn't creep up on me until the last few weeks of pg like some of the other women I have spoken to. But with an extra 17 pounds on my relatively small frame my skin just couldn't accomodate. I still have 14 weeks to go until my due date. Thats a lot of time to gain more weight and accumulate more of these purple lines on my tush. I just hope they stay on my tush. Stay away from the belly you pesky bikini haters!!! My new resolution is not to look at my rear in the mirror anymore. In her book, "Belly Laughs," Jenny McCarthy warns about this. But I didn't heed her advice. No pg lady should ever look at her rear end in a full length mirror. Unless you are a super model of course. Those pregnant super models should be force fed doughnuts everyday.

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