Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For Fun: Old Wive's Tales and Gender Prediction

Apparently there are lots of Old Wive's Tales out there claiming to predict the gender of unborn babies. Here are the predictions, lets see if they are right! By the way, we definitely know its a BOY!
Taken from

1 Carrying a baby high is a girl, low is a boy
Me: carrying low! 1/1

2 A boy’s heart rate will be under 140, a girl’s is over.
Me: the baby's heart rate has been steady in the mid 150's range. 1/2

3 Craving something sweet is a girl, sour is a boy.
Me: my cravings have varied from salty (not sour) to sweet. 1/3

4 Early morning sickness means it’ll be a girl
Me: I had relatively no morning sickness. 2/4

5 If your husband/significant other puts on weight it will be a girl.
Me: Ha, Jon I think has lost a couple of pounds! 3/5

6 If your feet are colder now you’ll be having a boy.
Me: My feet are always cold at work and at night they are pretty much the only thing under the covers. 4/6

7 Your urine is bright yellow means you’ll have a boy.
Me: Its yellow, but I kind of think its due the the vitamins. 5/7

8 If your nose is spreading during the pregnancy it’ll be a boy, stays the same it’s a girl.
Me: Im pretty sure it is the same as it was pre pregnancy. 5/8

9 If you look like a basketball it will be a boy, if you look like a watermellon you are having a girl
Me: My belly is out front, more like a downward sloping basket ball 6/9

10 Craving fruit is a girl, craving meat is a good sign to having a boy.
Me: I have craved both throughout the pregnancy 6/10

11 If you have stringy looking hair, it’ll be a girl. Luscious hair is a boy.
Me: My hair is pretty full these days. 7/11

Conclusion: Seven out of eleven isn't bad, but I wouldn't depend on Old Wive's Tales alone.

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