Wednesday, September 25, 2013

15 Weeks to Go!!!

This pregnancy is absolutely flying by!!! Having two kids and being pregnant with another definitely speeds up time. Twenty five weeks have already passed and although I haven't done a good job of journaling this pregnancy (Sorry baby!), we are so in love and so excited about our new addition. I totally forgot to mention, we found out the sex and we have FINALLY chosen a name!
That's right! Jareth and LaneyBug are going to have a baby sister in just a few short months. We had two top contenders for her name. They were Aria and Remi. I liked Aria and Jon liked Remi. Daddy won. Our baby girl's name will be Remi Lauren. After her mommy and her cousin, Kennady. I love it!
I've felt pretty good throughout my second trimester. I've had some back pain but that is to be expected and these other two little ones keep me pretty worn out. So far I've gained 15lbs which puts me on track to gain about the same as I did with my first two pregnancies. Overall everything is going great and we are counting down the weeks!