Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Baby Pool

Click here to join in our baby pool. Guess Jareth's birthday, birth weight, and more!

Heather 7 lbs 4 ozs 21 in Oct 19, 8:15 pm Knoxville TN I'm the mommy
Aunt Liz 6 lbs 0 ozs 19 in Oct 17, 2:00 am Atlanta GA I'm one of the aunts
eddie & peggy 7 lbs 1 ozs 19 in Oct 26, 5:46 pm smithville TN great great uncle and aunt!
Heather Spain 7 lbs 6 ozs 23 in Oct 31, 2:23 pm Knoxville TN I'm Aunt Heather! :)
Jonathan 7 lbs 7 ozs 21 in Oct 20, 3:19 pm Knoxville TN I'm the papa
Jeremy 7 lbs 8 ozs 21 in Oct 24, 7:06 am ATL Uncle Jeremy
Drew 7 lbs 2 ozs 18 in Oct 18, 6:18 pm charleston WV baby's ninja
Danyell Wilson 7 lbs 4 ozs 20 in Oct 30, 5:13 pm Chattanooga TN Godmother!!!
Lisa 7 lbs 0 ozs 20 in Oct 22, 12:00 am
Lisa Snell 7 lbs 4 ozs 20 in Oct 19, 4:00 am Englewood TN proud soon to be Mimi (grandma)
Ashley Morris 6 lbs 6 ozs 19 in Oct 23, 3:30 pm Knoxville TN Friend
Evelyn Belnap 7 lbs 3 ozs 21 in Oct 25, 10:25 pm Tia Evelyn
Erin Washam 7 lbs 2 ozs 21 in Oct 11, 4:00 pm Nashville TN baby's Nina (god mother)!
Roger 6 lbs 6 ozs 21 in Oct 29, 2:30 am Athens TN Grandpa
Sharon 7 lbs 2 ozs 15 in Oct 24, 8:00 am Athens TN Grandma
Faye 8 lbs 8 ozs 21 in Oct 10, 3:00 am Nashville TN Memaw

Your Child Isn't a Plaything: Modern Glamour Babies

photo by cristina mallet, stylist.com

I used to be on a kick about piercing newborn babies ears.
My ideas on piercing is that it should be the child's choice and done at an age when they are able to learn to take care of their ears themselves. Plus it took nine long months to shape those precious little ears in your womb. Why put holes in them as soon as they come out? Well lately, I have found this argument to be triffling to say the least. Iv'e been faced with a new controversy...

Its starting younger and younger, the whole glamour child thing that is. Im talking about the Jonbenet Ramsy type little girls. We have all seen images of three and four year old girls in high heels, fake tans, big earrings, sequins, and too big hair strutting on stages in the provocative outfits their mothers have chosen for that week's beauty contest. Many of us have cringed at the bright pink lipstick, dark blue eyeshadow, and fake lashes donned by these tiny tots. Could it possibly get worse? Yes and sadly it has.

Don't get me wrong, I love a little glitter sometimes and have been known to go ga ga over little skirts with ribbons and sequins. However, I believe a little goes a long way. In my online shopping time for the baby I keep running across out-landish baby girl clothes. I recently stumbled upon a picture of a baby girl, not even one year old yet, in a bright pink tutu dress with sequined spaghetti straps, baby high-heels, and pearls and earrings hanging from her neck and ears. She also had a gigantic flower the size of my fist attached to her head. (and of course the site didn't allow me to copy the picture for you) I must wonder what this kid will be wearing by the time she hits kindergarten. If the little girl had, had on just one or two of these pieces it may not have struck me the way it did. A cute flowered headband with a simple, pretty dress would have done the trick. Or, perhaps the dress alone with little ballet flats would have been perfectly adorable. Instead I was left with this creepy feeling that Jonbenet (God rest her little soul) won't be alone for long in her tragedy.

Why are parents doing this to their little girls? Don't they realize that their sweet daughters look like hookers? I think even Dolly Parton, whom I love by the way, would be ashamed of this new baby girl fad. We are teaching these little girls that you have to fake it to be beautiful. I suppose stage makeup will soon be a thing of the past because it will be the norm. This is a bad habit to start, not to mention an expensive one.

I did some research on these glamorous baby items and they cost a pretty penny. These were the cheapest I could find:

Rinestone studded tutu at tutugirl.com: $56.99

Flower Headband at lullabiesandlollipops.com: $18.00

Baby High Heels by Heelarious at gadgetgirl.com: $35.00

Baby's First Pearl Necklace at adorablebabygifts.com: $40.00

Baby Hoop Earrings at jewelbasket.com: $67.00

Grand total: $216.99

I found that tutu dresses range any where from $50-$300.

To see more visit:


Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh, That's Easy, I Can Do That! ... Wait, No I Can't

Over the weekend it hit me like a ton of bricks that I cannot do all the things that I'm used to. Jonathan and I kept my cousins, Kennady 6 and Logan 8, over the weekend. We took them to the park, to Wonderworks in Gatlinburg, and to the fountains and playgrounds at World's Fair Park. They are great kids and they have a lot of energy! When we went to Wonderworks the first thing they wanted to do was ride an earthquake similator. So we all get in line and then Jon points out that the sign says pregnant women can't ride. "Oh yeah, duh! I can't ride this thing. Talk about shaking baby syndrome!" I was the photographer. Well, there ended up being several things I couldn't do. I stood on the ground while they rock climbed, rode a rollercoaster similator, and also while Jon rode some thing that spun him upside down. It was fun watching them of course but I wanted in on the action! The next day we took them to World's Fair Park where they played in the water fountains and on the playground. They had a blast! I couldn't join in on the fountains afraid that I would slip and fall so I sat on a blanket under a tree while watching and shouting at them playfully. When they wanted to go to the playground I went with them and Jon stayed by the fountains. On the playground Kennady couldn't reach one of the handle bars on a piece of equipment. Logan could do it easily so she was getting frustrated. I went over to hoist her up and could barely get her off the ground. She is tiny and only weighs about 50 lbs and I couldn't pick her up well enough so that she could grab the handle bar. Pre-pregnancy I could have done this with ease. Actually about a month ago I could have done it with ease. Although I was a little bummed out by not getting to participate in some of the activities at Wonderworks and not being able to pick my six year old cousin up, it was easy to shrug the feeling of inadequacy off. I mean I'm pregnant. No woman in her third trimester is expected to do these things.
After the kids left on Sunday I decided to do some yoga before dinner. Jon sat on the couch with the computer and I sat in the floor. I hadn't done yoga for a while and was excited to start back. So, I pop in a pre-natal yoga dvd and get ready sitting cross-legged in Namaste. There were three women that I could follow. The first was the instructor, a non-pregnant twig of a woman named Sheva. The second was a woman in her second trimester named Britta. And the third was a woman in her third trimester named Poppy. (I just had to include their stereotypical hippy names) So they start and I am following the woman in her second trimester. It all starts out fine and I'm feeling good until we move to standing positions. Try balancing on one foot while stretching in your third trimester, its not a pretty sight. The women in her third trimester was using a chair so I decide to follow her. Using a chair for support I get into position. Everything is going fine. Then they move on to something else and I decide that it looks easy enough and slide the chair away following the second-tri girl again. And guess what. I couldn't do it. So, I grab the chair. Its still too hard and I hit fast-forward until I find something I think I can do. "Umm...No." Fast-forward.....Stop, Play...Fast-forward.... Finally I give up, sit on the floor and cry. Jon gets in the floor at that point and cuddles me to make me feel better. Then I fast-forward to the relaxation techniques at the end of the video.
After dinner I decide I want to take a bath. But I don't just want to take a bath, I want to take a bath with Jon. Well, I have your basic average sized tub. Without trying we knew that we no longer could fit in there together. So, I sat on the couch and cried. Jon was wonderful. He started the bath water and helped me in and then sat by the tub as I soaked. He washed my hair and talked to me until I was ready to get out. We went to bed and he lotioned my belly and talked to Jareth some. I felt much better. I decided not to push myself to do the things that I can no longer do and not to be so hard on myself. No one expects me to do these things and I shouldn't over-extend myself either. I will tackle yoga again, but with lesser expectations of myself.
Only a few more months to go!!! Though after he is here I will most likely complain that I miss being pregnant of course.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For Fun: Old Wive's Tales and Gender Prediction

Apparently there are lots of Old Wive's Tales out there claiming to predict the gender of unborn babies. Here are the predictions, lets see if they are right! By the way, we definitely know its a BOY!
Taken from http://www.blisstree.com/babylune/13-old-wives-tales-for-predicting-gender/

1 Carrying a baby high is a girl, low is a boy
Me: carrying low! 1/1

2 A boy’s heart rate will be under 140, a girl’s is over.
Me: the baby's heart rate has been steady in the mid 150's range. 1/2

3 Craving something sweet is a girl, sour is a boy.
Me: my cravings have varied from salty (not sour) to sweet. 1/3

4 Early morning sickness means it’ll be a girl
Me: I had relatively no morning sickness. 2/4

5 If your husband/significant other puts on weight it will be a girl.
Me: Ha, Jon I think has lost a couple of pounds! 3/5

6 If your feet are colder now you’ll be having a boy.
Me: My feet are always cold at work and at night they are pretty much the only thing under the covers. 4/6

7 Your urine is bright yellow means you’ll have a boy.
Me: Its yellow, but I kind of think its due the the vitamins. 5/7

8 If your nose is spreading during the pregnancy it’ll be a boy, stays the same it’s a girl.
Me: Im pretty sure it is the same as it was pre pregnancy. 5/8

9 If you look like a basketball it will be a boy, if you look like a watermellon you are having a girl
Me: My belly is out front, more like a downward sloping basket ball 6/9

10 Craving fruit is a girl, craving meat is a good sign to having a boy.
Me: I have craved both throughout the pregnancy 6/10

11 If you have stringy looking hair, it’ll be a girl. Luscious hair is a boy.
Me: My hair is pretty full these days. 7/11

Conclusion: Seven out of eleven isn't bad, but I wouldn't depend on Old Wive's Tales alone.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes with a Side of Garlic Breadsticks, Please

Although I haven't sent Jonathan out at two a.m. for oreos and pickles, yet, I have had my share of cravings. In the first trimester all I wanted was tomato sauce. I ate tomato soup, spaghetti, bread sticks with marinara, vegetable soup, and sliced tomato. One day I made toast and heated up some spaghetti sauce for dipping. It went from there to peanut butter. (Although there was the random mustard sandwich packed in there somewhere) Honey and pb sandwiches, pb and pear sandwiches, spoonfuls of pb, and pb and chocolate syrup on grahams and bananas were on the menu for weeks. Then heartburn set in. After fullfilling my peanut butter and tomato cravings I went on a tums and milk binge that I haven't quite gotten out of yet. Coming into my third trimester I seem to be hooked on sweets. Weekly trips to Bruster's for Chocolate Rasberry Truffle ice cream have become a ritual. They give out doggy ice cream treats too so we get to make it a family event! Our dog, Jack, woofs that stuff down in ten seconds flat and then stares at ours until we break down and give him a piece of waffle cone.
Although I have succombed to these cravings you can be assured that Jareth isn't going to come out a peanut butter covered tomato with a rasberry swirl. I've been eating pretty healthy. My diet mostly consists of oatmeal, eggs, cheerios, steamed veggies, chicken, fruit, cheese, V8 juice, milk, and an enormous amount of water. Jon comes home every day inquiring about my food intake and tells me what out of the basic food group I am lacking. Then he usually shoves V8 and more water down my throat. He's a good papa.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hot Topic Among Moms-to-Be: Diaper Bags, the Possibilities are Endless

Google the words "diaper bags" and you will find there is an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to finding one. From Wal-Mart's Sesame Street Mini Diaper Bag costing a meesly $9.49 to a Louis Vuitton Mini Lin costing a whopping $2040, there is an amazing range of bags out there for baby.

How to choose the right diaper bag is one of the most popular discussions among parents and moms-to-be. In a poll I made on Whattoexpect.com I found that moms think that the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a diaper bag is space. One mom said, "I'm a pocket freak when it comes to my diaper bags. I have to have everything in its own little spot. I can't stand to throw stuff in a bag and have to dig for it." (nursemommy3) Those who didn't choose space as the most important went on to say that comfort was their number one because they had to be able to carry the bag everywhere they go without hurting their shoulers and backs. The look of the bag seemed to be on the bottom of the list but one mom to-be said that since her bags and purses are her "primary accessory" they need to "make a splash" against her wardrobe. (smphung)
The number of diaper bags or "baby bags" a parent needs is one of the many important questions that are discussed. I believe that the number really depends on a family's lifestyle. Do you go on long outings? Do you do overnight stays very often? Do you take baby everywhere you go? Does each parent want their own bag? Some families may only need two bags, some three, some may need up to five. I will explain.

Bag #1 : A medium size bag that can carry diapers, wipes, a changing pad, bottles, formula, snack, diaper creme, bibs, pacifiers, burpclothes, a toy or two, and an extra pair of clothes. This bag would be used for mall trips, day-long social gatherings, and other trips that could last longer than just a couple of hours.

Bag #2: A small size bag that carries only the neccessities: diapers, wipes, a pre-mixed bottle, and perhaps a bib or cloth. This bag would be used for quickie trips to the store, a dinner out, or some other event that only lasts up to two hours or less.

Bag #3: A Large over night bag that carries all the basics plus extras: diapers, wipes, a changing pad, bottles, formula, food, diaper creme, bibs, pacifiers, burpclothes, a toys, extra clothes, blankets, medication, sunblock, hats, etc.

Bag #4: A medium sized bag for the trunk. This is a back up bag just incase you forget or run out of something or perhaps a trip runs longer than expected. Extra diapers, wipes, clean bottles, and clothes would be good items for this bag.

Bag#5: A small to medium Daddy bag. Dad may require his own bag for when he and baby are doing outings alone. He may not want to carry the adorable ribbon adorned bag that mom loves so much. For dad, packing the essentials is probably all that is needed. He may get overwhelmed trying to find wipies in a sea of creams and powders and such.
Here are some great bags

The Vera Bradley "Baby Bag"

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack


The Skip Hop Uptown Duo

found for $53.99 at Net Shop Stores

The Foo Goo Sporty Diaper Bag by Thermos

$14. 95

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake Cameo Clutch


Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Most Terrifying Issue in Pregnancy: Miscarriage and Loss

Bear with me, this will be a long one. And not a pleasent one, but an important one none the less. I knew that miscarriages were a real phenomenon but I always had assumed that they were fairly rare. I had heard the word, but never fully understood what it meant as a child and shrugged it off very early in life.
Last year when my husband and I decided to start a family it didn't take long before we got pregnant. It took about a month of trying to concieve. The day I found out I was just taking a pg test for fun because we had friends in town. It was a surprise to find out we were pg so soon. The pregnancy was very much wanted and having my grandmother pass away just a couple of months before we concieved made me feel like a piece of her was with me and the child that I was carrying. At week four I had an ultrasound to determine the baby's gestational age. I was given the due date of 12/27/08. At week seven my husband, Jon, and I heard the heart beat. They say after the heartbeat is detected the risk of miscarriage goes down to 5%. We were feeling pretty good. Two weeks later I began to feel different. I told Jon that I didn't feel pregnant anymore and started to get upset. He reassured me saying that it was still very early in the pg. One week eleven I went back to the doctor for my normal check up. He couldn't find the heartbeat with the hand held monitor but told me not to worry just yet that the pg may be too early to be able to find it without an u/s. I was taken back for a u/s and the technician tried several times before saying a simple "I'm so sorry." She left the room to get the doctor. I was left by myself feeling rather exposed both literally and figuratively, bawling my eyes out. When the doctor came in I asked him to try to find it again. He did and couldn't. Jon wasn't with me that day so we had to call him to come get me. He came in very upset and very worried about me. They said the baby only measured nine weeks and so it had stopped growing two weeks prior. I asked why this had happened and they said that usually it is unexplainable and that sometimes it is natures way of taking care of something that isn't thriving. Sometimes chromosomes do not add up right. They scheduled my D&C for two days later.
The night before my D&C I was a wreck. My stomach was in knots and right before I went to bed I started crying uncontrollably refusing to have the procedure done. It was my baby and I didn't want it "removed" from womb. I had my husband and two close friends there to help me through it. The next morning, very early, we went to the hospital. I shook involuntarily the entire time. My nerves were shot. The nurses just stared at me with a pitiful look on their faces. I think I was told 8 times that morning by different women in the hospital that they too had had to do what I was doing. I couldn't believe it afterwards that so many women in the same vacinity had gone through at least one miscarriage. As soon as I woke up from the procedure I started crying that the baby was gone. I think they gave me something to ease my nerves because for the next few hours I was numb.
I layed in bed for about a day and a half afterward. Friends and family stopped by ocassionally and people sent a few bouquets of flowers. In memorial we had some calla lillies and roses dried and put in a shadow box. That helped the grieving process.
I wondered days later why no one had told me that miscarriage was such a common occurence. I found out later that on my mother's side of the family there had been at least four miscarriages and one still birth. I began to assume that no one talks about it because it is such a hard thing to go through and the people who love you are afraid to scare you. But Im here to talk about it. Our daughters and sons should know that miscarriage and pregnancy loss is a real thing and it can happen to any of us. They should know the facts and feel comfortable talking about it. I think if I would have known more about it I wouldn't have struggled the way I did with it.

Here are the facts:
One in five pregnancies are lost to unexplained miscarriage. 670,000 pregnancies are miscarried every year. The majority of miscarriage occur before week 13 of pregnancy.
The cause of many miscarriages cannot be identified, but there are a few known reasons for miscarriage. Most miscarriages, especially those that occur in the first trimester, are due to random chromosomal abnormalities with the baby and cannot be prevented. Other reasons for miscarriage may be: problems with the implantation of the fertilized egg, maternal problems with health, hormones, or infection, unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, drugs, excessive caffeine, malnutrition, exposure to radiation), maternal age
It is important to note that one miscarriage does not increase the likelihood of another! Just because you have one doesn't mean you cannot or will not have a healthy pregnancy in the future. However, there are many women who simply cannot carry a pregnancy on their own without medical intervention. So it is important to talk with your doctor about tests that can be run to ensure your ability to carry a pregnancy full term.
Signs of Miscarriage
These include vaginal bleeding, cramping, diarrhea, excessive vomiting not due to morning sickness, and lack of fetal growth proven by your doctor.
Treatments after Miscarriage
Many times women can pass their miscarried pregnancies on their own without surgical need. But if done so, these women need to see their doctors as soon as possible to make sure all fetal tissue has been removed from the uterus.
If the body does not expel all the tissue, the most common procedure performed to stop bleeding and prevent infection is a dilation and curettage.
Taking Care of Yourself Emotionally
Its easy to put on a brave face in front of family and friends. It is very important to talk about how you are feeling. If you can't talk to your family and friends there are many resources out there for you. Talk it out and grieve however long you need to.




Monday, July 13, 2009

My First Baby Shower

I had my first baby shower this weekend. It was hosted by two of my best friends, Heather and Erin. It was a tea party theme complete with big hats, dresses, my grandmother's tea cups, and a cake shaped like a tea pot. Everyone looked beautiful all dolled up. We had fourteen guests in my home, two of whom traveled from Nashville for the weekend. All of the gifts were lovely and I only had one set of repeats. Jareth's closet is getting full! I got so many adorable outfits for him. It was fun getting to wash all of his clothes and put them in his closet. I'm sure this will be the only time that laundry is actually fun! The house was decorated so pretty with tulle, flowers, confetti, and clothes lines of hats, onsies, and mittens. Only 100 days until my due date. I can't wait to bring him home!

Friday, July 10, 2009

My First Stretch Mark!

So Im drying off after a shower and look at my belly in the mirror and get all warm and fuzzy about the life that I am growing inside me. Then I take a sneak peak at the back...."What is that on my caboose?" "Please tell me that someone drew a little squiggly line on my hiney with a purple pen in the middle of the night." Nope, its definitely my first stretch mark. After mountains of Palmer's along with other elasticity promising lotions, it finally happened. The sad part is that it is most likely only the beginning. I knew it would happen but hoped it wouldn't creep up on me until the last few weeks of pg like some of the other women I have spoken to. But with an extra 17 pounds on my relatively small frame my skin just couldn't accomodate. I still have 14 weeks to go until my due date. Thats a lot of time to gain more weight and accumulate more of these purple lines on my tush. I just hope they stay on my tush. Stay away from the belly you pesky bikini haters!!! My new resolution is not to look at my rear in the mirror anymore. In her book, "Belly Laughs," Jenny McCarthy warns about this. But I didn't heed her advice. No pg lady should ever look at her rear end in a full length mirror. Unless you are a super model of course. Those pregnant super models should be force fed doughnuts everyday.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Creating an Adorable Nursery while Saving Some Money

Decorating a nursery is so much fun! There are so many themes and style options out there that it actually can be a little overwhelming. Outside of a few baskets and new cushions for the glider, ours is finally finished! Jareth officially has his own room now to come home to.

When we found out we were having a boy we immediately started talking about the nursery. Our guest bedroom was already painted blue so we didn't have to paint. I knew I wanted something sweet and baby-ish, I mean it is a nursery, but I didn't want cartoon characters or a blanket of pastels. I asked my husband, Jon, what he had in mind. He said monkeys would be cute. I didn't really want just monkeys all over the room so we compromised and went with jungle animals. After doing some online research I found a cool and modern jungle themed set. Its main colors are chocolate brown, orange, teal blue, and green. The bumper and blanket has big lions, giraffes, monkeys, and elephants on it. The set went for $200.00 at Babies R Us, but I found it at http://www.babysupermall.com/ for $164.00. I am very pleased with the purchase. The fabric is great. It isn't too heavy but it is super soft with velvet and cordouroy on it.

Other things we bought for the room was the convertible crib (craigslist $75), a shelving unit with baskets (ABC Distributing $60), a sheer white misquito net to go over the crib (Ikea $20),and a vinyl wall decal in the shape of a big tree (etsy $64). The diaper changing table was built by my grandfather for my cousins and passed on to me and the cradle, also made by my grandfather, was mine when I was born. Also, my parents gave me a pretty, white glider that they had bought when my nephew was born. So, for roughly $380 we completely decorated our nursery. And I must say it is pretty darn cute.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Little Window Shopping

Thanks to the web there are now thousdands of places to shop at for baby with just the click of a button....and your credit card number of course. Its amazing how many online baby stores there are. From consignment to couture, from organic to handmade there is no ending to shopping for our little ones. You can even purchase your diapers online, be they disposable, flushable, hemp, fleece, or cotton, and have them shipped to your front door. There are some pretty cool places out there. So, with my eclectic style variations from hippy dresses to argyle sweaters along with enjoying both Belle and Sebastion along with Garth Brooks, I have found the web to be a great place to find things for baby. Here are just some of my favorite websites. Enjoy!




















Thursday, July 2, 2009

Knock Three Times On the Ceiling If You Want Me....

This little boy is an acrobat. I don't know how he manages it but he kicks/punches/knees/elbows me in every little corner of my abdomen. It really is an amazing feeling to know that your child is creating its first movements inside of you. Although its cleche, it makes the pregnancy so much more real once you can feel them move. Whats funny is when you look down at your stomach and it is involuntarily bouncing back and forth. And, he is one strong baby boy. One morning he kicked so hard he knocked my husband's arm off my stomach! Another time, at the doctor he kicked while the nurse was trying to get his heartbeat and almost knocked the little monitor out of her hand. But my favorite part is when either we poke at him or talk to him and he responds with a few punches. Its the sweetest thing in the world.

Don't just chalk it up to Round Ligament Pain

At work this afternoon I started getting a crampy feeling in my lower abdomen. It felt like menstrual cramps just kind of coming and going. I figured it was round ligament pain. Round ligament pain occurs when the uterus is stretching to make room for the baby and occurs frequently throughout pregnancy. I had felt this stretching type pain many times before, usually right before I would put on more weight. The baby seemed fine. He was doing his daily acrobatics and didn't seem to be bothered by whatever it was going on. So, I let it go and went on with my work. Then, the pain worsened and it became uncomfortable for me to sit down. My abdomen started to tighten and my back started to hurt. I decided I should probably call the doctor to see what this may be. Although I have no experience with contractions this was what I assumed they felt like. The doctor's office was busy of course and the line went straight to voicemail. I left a message detailing what was going on and waited for the nurse to call back. After about a long five minutes of waiting I took a ride from my boss and went straight to the doctors office. I figured it was better to go there instead of the ER and wait for three hours for them to just tell me Im fine. So to the doctor's office I go. When I explain to the nurse what was going on, she tells me its just round ligament pain and that Im merely going through a growth spurt. By that point Im more or less doubled over in pain refusing to sit down because it makes it worse. The nurse leaves me for a moment to speak with the nurse practitioner. She comes back saying they want to monitor me on a machine that measures contractions. They put me in a room and strap this ugly belt across my stomach that was hooked up to a machine on a rollng cart. Sure enough I was having ever so mild contractions. After a few tests they tell me I have an infection which is causing me to have an "irritable uterus." That was a new phrase for me. I was given a prescription for an antibiotic and was told to increase my water consumption and rest as much as possible. They warned me that I could go into preterm labor if I didn't take care of this soon. Round ligament pain my butt!

Those sex ed teachers will lead you to believe the baby making process is an easy one, but let me tell you its not!

After months of trying to concieve I made a doctor's appointment in hopes of finding out what we were doing wrong and why we weren't having any luck. You see the first time we got pregnant (pg) it was only a week before we got our big fat positive back (bfp). Sadly, however, that pregnancy ended in miscarriage eleven weeks later. With the great luck we had last time I thought it would take no time to get that bfp back again. I was wrong. It took about 7 months of ovulation predictor tests and about 9 bfn before we were able to successfully concieve.
After month 5 I started going to the doctor when I stopped having a period all together. They did blood tests, ordered ultrasounds, put me on progestrone to make me start my period and continued to watch my ever so irregular cycle for the next two months. Finally I get a phone call telling me that I have PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrom) and that we would need "help" getting pregnant. They scheduled me and my husband to come in for a fertility consult. Immediately I googled PCOS and followed that with fertility treatments. Word to the wise, if your doctor gives you a prognosis over the telephone don't immediately hang up and google it. It will only stress you out.
So, we go to our appointment on February 24th with ideas of Clomid, IVF, egg donors and words like ovarian hyperstimulation in our heads. When we arrive they give me a cup to pee in and then we wait for about and hour and a half in a tiny waiting room surrounded by pregnant women and old ladies. Finally a nurse walks by and says we are next and that she would be right back to get us. Then about ten minutes later she walks back by and looks in giving me a thumbs up. "What the hell? A thumbs up? What does that mean?" "Yay, we get to go next or what?"
Finally we get to go back to the room and the doctor of course is not there, we find out that we are only seeing a nurse practitioner. (I will explain later on that nurse practitioners are pretty much awesome and my theory on not needed doctors offices) The nurse practitioner asks me how I am feeling. At that point I wanted to scream, but I was a lady and told her that I was good. I explained to her that I thought the progesterone shots weren't working but that my breasts had been pretty sore and I figured that it was just due to the added hormone. Her reply was "Well, its because your'e pg!" I didn't even smile. I thought this was a very mean trick to play on a woman who had recently miscarried only to find out that she would have to undergo fertility treatments in order to ever get pregnant again.
With the crazy cycles I had been having lately there was no way to tell how far along I was without an ultrasound (u/s). So, they took me across the hall into another tiny waiting room where I waited about ten minutes before my husband and I were called back for an u/s. The room was small but pretty and the tech was extremely nice. There was a big screen on the wall so that we could watch what was going on. They took an internal u/s (fun) and there it was. The earliest form of life. They told us the gestational age was 5 weeks 5 days and that my due date would be October 22nd. A pumpkin baby!
The next few weeks were excruciating. My last pregnancy made it to 11 weeks so I was eager to get past that stage. The first trimester seemed to take forever to go by. I hate to admit is but I didn't allow myself to become excited about the pregnancy for many weeks. I actually cried a lot, worried about another miscarriage. I actually got a little depressed. I would like to say that as soon as the first trimester was over I was able to relax...not really. I don't think that until I finally have my little on in my arms that I will be able to fully relax. However, with each passing week I get more confident that this baby will make it. I feel very blessed to have gotten pg again without medical intervention.

From here on out, although I may complain some about the woes of pregnancy, you can be assured that I am relishing in the fact that I am pregnant and I am very excited about my little baby coming this fall. I am now 24 weeks pregnant and loving it!