Thursday, July 2, 2009

Those sex ed teachers will lead you to believe the baby making process is an easy one, but let me tell you its not!

After months of trying to concieve I made a doctor's appointment in hopes of finding out what we were doing wrong and why we weren't having any luck. You see the first time we got pregnant (pg) it was only a week before we got our big fat positive back (bfp). Sadly, however, that pregnancy ended in miscarriage eleven weeks later. With the great luck we had last time I thought it would take no time to get that bfp back again. I was wrong. It took about 7 months of ovulation predictor tests and about 9 bfn before we were able to successfully concieve.
After month 5 I started going to the doctor when I stopped having a period all together. They did blood tests, ordered ultrasounds, put me on progestrone to make me start my period and continued to watch my ever so irregular cycle for the next two months. Finally I get a phone call telling me that I have PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrom) and that we would need "help" getting pregnant. They scheduled me and my husband to come in for a fertility consult. Immediately I googled PCOS and followed that with fertility treatments. Word to the wise, if your doctor gives you a prognosis over the telephone don't immediately hang up and google it. It will only stress you out.
So, we go to our appointment on February 24th with ideas of Clomid, IVF, egg donors and words like ovarian hyperstimulation in our heads. When we arrive they give me a cup to pee in and then we wait for about and hour and a half in a tiny waiting room surrounded by pregnant women and old ladies. Finally a nurse walks by and says we are next and that she would be right back to get us. Then about ten minutes later she walks back by and looks in giving me a thumbs up. "What the hell? A thumbs up? What does that mean?" "Yay, we get to go next or what?"
Finally we get to go back to the room and the doctor of course is not there, we find out that we are only seeing a nurse practitioner. (I will explain later on that nurse practitioners are pretty much awesome and my theory on not needed doctors offices) The nurse practitioner asks me how I am feeling. At that point I wanted to scream, but I was a lady and told her that I was good. I explained to her that I thought the progesterone shots weren't working but that my breasts had been pretty sore and I figured that it was just due to the added hormone. Her reply was "Well, its because your'e pg!" I didn't even smile. I thought this was a very mean trick to play on a woman who had recently miscarried only to find out that she would have to undergo fertility treatments in order to ever get pregnant again.
With the crazy cycles I had been having lately there was no way to tell how far along I was without an ultrasound (u/s). So, they took me across the hall into another tiny waiting room where I waited about ten minutes before my husband and I were called back for an u/s. The room was small but pretty and the tech was extremely nice. There was a big screen on the wall so that we could watch what was going on. They took an internal u/s (fun) and there it was. The earliest form of life. They told us the gestational age was 5 weeks 5 days and that my due date would be October 22nd. A pumpkin baby!
The next few weeks were excruciating. My last pregnancy made it to 11 weeks so I was eager to get past that stage. The first trimester seemed to take forever to go by. I hate to admit is but I didn't allow myself to become excited about the pregnancy for many weeks. I actually cried a lot, worried about another miscarriage. I actually got a little depressed. I would like to say that as soon as the first trimester was over I was able to relax...not really. I don't think that until I finally have my little on in my arms that I will be able to fully relax. However, with each passing week I get more confident that this baby will make it. I feel very blessed to have gotten pg again without medical intervention.

From here on out, although I may complain some about the woes of pregnancy, you can be assured that I am relishing in the fact that I am pregnant and I am very excited about my little baby coming this fall. I am now 24 weeks pregnant and loving it!

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Lara said...

Congratulations on your little joy! I enjoyed reading your blog (found the address as you had posted on WTE). I am also expecting a pumpkin (pink one) and wish you all the best in your delivery. It sounds like you and your husband are so close and will be great parents!

I'm sure your blog will bring many women comfort in so many different ways.