Monday, January 30, 2012

On a better note : )

Since I've been giving myself a pity party in my last two posts I thought I should write something good. It's basically a sample out of my pregnancy journal.
How many days left? 49!
Total weight gain? 25lbs (I was at 30lbs this time with Jareth : )
When does baby move the most? Laney loves to move at night when it's time for her momma to go to bed. And she gets pretty excited after I eat.
How are you sleeping? I get up 3-4x to go the bathroom and it takes me forever to fall aleep. Reading helps. Backrubs from the hubby help a lot too.
What are you listening to? I got two cds for Christmas that I've been trading out in the car. Alanis Morrisette and Lady Antebellum.
What are you reading? I'm reading The Hunger Games for the second time. The movie comes out in March and I'm so excited!
What I miss about not being pregnant? Working out, being comfortable, wearing regular clothes.
Cravings? Waffles!
What I'm nervous about: Once she's here, not getting things done. I already feel like I can't get anything done. But back pain and fatigue are the biggest culprits here and those symptoms will lessen after she's born.
What I'm looking forward to most: Getting to know my daughter and seeing the similarities and differences between her and her brother.

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