Friday, January 27, 2012

Doctor, Doctor

It's been a busy week for doctors appointments. On Tuesday I had my regular OB appointment to check on Laney. She is doing very well. I however got into trouble for eating Fruit Loops for breakfast. My blood sugar was super high. No more of Jareth's cereal for me! I asked about other sugary foods and was told most are fine but aparently sugary cereal is a big no, no. Jareth probably shouldn't be eating that stuff either. Wednesday I had a dentist appointment. Jareth was very interested in my teeth cleaning. The hygenist sprayed mist into the air for him and showed him the vacuum. He walked away with a shiny, new Diego toothbrush and medical gloves while I got fussed at for not flossing well enough. Two scoldings in one day. Doctors: 2 Heather: 0
I haven't been feeling quite myself the last couple of days. I've felt dizzy, light-headed, nauseas, and really really tired. I've been getting plenty of rest though. I've been really good about napping when Jareth is. I do get up a lot at night with leg cramps and multiple bathroom trips but I think I make up for it with naps. But today I barely got through a load of dishes before I had to sit down. (which led me to write this) So I called my OB's office and they want me to come in. Afterwards I have a urologist appt in the same building. Fun week, huh? Hopefully today's appts will go better.

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