Monday, January 23, 2012

32 Weeks Down!!!

8 weeks to go! I'm just dying to get Laney here. I want to see her little face so bad. But I have to be patient. If she were born now she would still be too little to come home and I don't want a NICU baby!
So I've just got to keep busy until it's time. Not much else is going on right now. We did spend a fun weekend at Sugar Mountain with some friends from Enterprise. Jon got to snowboard for the first time and really enjoyed it. We went with Brian and Caroline Denny along with Chris Medina and Monica Horton. It was a great group of people! I of course didn't ski but I did get some good time alone in the condo and did some reading at the ski resort. We ate some yummy food and played lots of catch phrase and wits and wagers. I have to mention that the girls won 5/6 of the catch phrase games! I hope we get to make this an annual trip.
Between now and my due date we have a few things going on. We are going to Cookeville in a couple of weeks for my nephews birthday. We didn't get to go around Christmas and it will be a while before we get to go back after Laney is born so I'm really anxious to visit. The following weekend Jon is getting his wisdom teeth taken out. That should be a fun time.... And I'm pretty sure I'm having a shower after that. So there is three fairly full weekends to speed up the time. Maybe it will go by fast. It has so far. Jareth keeps me busy enough! We are doing our best to get him potty trained as soon as possible. I feel like that would make things a little easier once Laney is here. I can't wait to see what he thinks about her!!!!

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