Monday, August 10, 2009

A Few Items

I thought I would share pics of a few of the items we have for Jareth. :o)

His take home outfit and blankets. Its hard to tell but the hat has matching argyle on it.

Two of my diaper bags

The door wreath for the hospital door, we plan to put Jareth's birthday stats on the lion

Jareth's bouncer

Can't wait to get him in his little bath!

We are UT fans. And this isn't all of it!


Anonymous said...

can you tell me which Vera Bradley bag that is that you are using for the diaper bag? It looks different than the one she calls Baby Bag -- thanks in advance for the info! - Amy

Anonymous said...

This is so interesting! I love hearing about all this baby talk. Although assures me that I'm not ready for this step, yet! Thanks for sharing! Jessica W