Friday, August 14, 2009

10 Weeks To Go!

I have been pregnant for 30 weeks and one day. That is 211 days or roughly 7 1/2 months of being pregnant so far. That is a long time. Just think, if I were a cat I would have had my baby months ago. They only have to be pregnant for about 9 weeks! Although I suppose I would be having a litter and I don't think I could handle more than two babies in me at a time. So, I guess I'm thankful I am human. I mean, at least I'm not an elephant. I would have 15 more months to go!
There is really a weight lifted off my shoulders now that I know the end is near. My anxiety over whether he will be healthy and thrive is long gone and now I look forward to being a mother. I have loved being pregnant and feel blessed to have had such an amazing experience, but I am ready to have little Jareth in my arms. I'm ready to see his face, touch his skin, and hear his voice.
I have been asked if I am worried about the delivery by several people. I have to say that I'm really not, at least not yet. I mean of course I would hate for anything to go wrong and the thought of a cesarean section or even a perinea tear isn't pleasant, but I don't have any sort of overwhelming anxiety about childbirth. Any worry I have about having a baby is financial. But even then, we have always made it and I know we always will. God has always blessed my marriage and I have faith that he will continue to do so.
So, what am I going to do to keep myself busy over the next 10 weeks? Well I have four small weekend trips scheduled to Rainsville, Cookeville, Nashville, and Athens to see family and have baby showers. After that I plan to rest and get things done around the house in preperation for Jareth's arrival. I'm hoping the next several weeks go by quickly!

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