Friday, November 4, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen She Has a Name!

I am happy to announce our little girl's name is Laney Tomlyn Anderson! After a couple of months of debate we feel that this is the right name for our new bundle of joy. Other runners up were Lilliana and Remi. I've always loved the name Lilliana. I think I was about 13 when I first heard it and it always stuck with me. However, the name Lily is quite popular and trendy now and that's not what I want. Although I love my name, I hated that there were multiple Heathers in every class I had growing up. The other contender was Remi. Jon really liked that name and I was very close to going with it but it just didn't feel natural for me. Remi is a very cute name and I like that it's uncommon. (Although it is rising in popularity.) It just didn't feel natural to use. Plus I really have a thing for "L" names for girls. So, Laney it is. It's not too common but it's recognizable. And I think it flows well with Tomlyn. You may recognize that Lily Tomlin is an actress. Another reason not to go with Lilliana. I think the name Laney is sweet and fun and I can picture myself using it everyday. And I think is goes well with Jareth. So now I can say I can't wait for Laney to get here!

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