Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crafting, DIY Ribbon Lamp

I've started on Laney's nursery! It's a small space so I'm a little limited on what I can do and how much furniture I can put in there. Right now the furniture consists of the crib, changing table, and a little window table. There's also a large quilt rack on the wall that has some of her clothes hanging off of it but that isn't staying in there. She is using Jareth's crib and changing table and the little table was my grandparents so, so far we haven't bought any furniture for her except for the bassinet in our room. I did update the little table with a can of silver spray paint though. I wonder how my grandmother would feel about me painting her antique table silver... I also added a little decoration to it and the crib using scrapbooking decals.
Yesterday, after looking at Pinterest, (my new obsession) I decided I needed a craft day. I had been wanting to upcycle an old lamp shade for Laney's room and make a flower mobile that I had seen on the craft and DIY boards. Three hours and a trip to Hobby Lobby later, Laney had a new ribbon lamp for her pretty room. I decided to take photos of the process. It was quite easy!
It was cheaper to buy 6" cuts of fabric than spools of ribbon. I only spent $2 on the whole project!

Cut fabric into strips and remove fabric from lamp shade. I left the boning around the top and bottom for more support.

I found it easier if I cut the liner out first.

Tie at either top or bottom depending on the look you want. I ended up cutting the ties down and stuffing them in the top for a cleaner look.

Edge of fabric will be rough. Use ribbons if you want it cleaner.

I threaded the tulle through the ribbons to keep it in place and tied it into a bow in the front.
All Done!

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