Monday, September 21, 2009

Ways to Help Induce Labor

At about 36 weeks of pregnancy I have found myself secretly thinking about how to induce labor. Yes, I am at that point where I really want him out. Ive enjoyed pregnancy but geeez it is getting rough. After a lot of discussion with other women and of course the magical world of google, I have found some interesting ways to self start your own labor.

The most popular answer I have gotten is sex. Many moms swear that sex is what brought on their labor pains. Second comes walking. Apparently walking is supposed to help push the baby down onto the cervix causing contractions and dilatation.

Here are some other answers I have gotten:

1. Eating a Labor Cake is supposed to start labor within 48 hours. Its Devil's Food Cake, chocolate chips, chocolate pudding mix, and chocolate frosting. ( I made one because it just sounded awesome)
2. Eating spicy food is supposed to help by not only getting your bowels moving which can cause contractions but also your little one because he can taste the spiciness in the amniotic fluid. However, this can cause angry heartburn.
3. Taking a spoon full of castor oil is the yuckiest way to supposedly bring on labor. It gets your bowels moving in a major way. I wouldn't recommend this, Ive heard of cases of explosive diarrhea and no one, especially not a pregnant woman, wants that.
4. Inserting a primrose oil capsule into the vagina is supposed to soften the cervix causing it to dilate.
5. Eating pineapple is supposed to help, although I'm not sure why.
6. Doing squats opens the pelvis and encourages dilation by stretching out the cervix.

I would be willing to try a few of those, but not all of them. I try my best to stay away from heartburn and diarrhea. Yuck. I guess this baby will come eventually and I just have to be patient. But I am so ready for him to make his appearance.

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