Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's a Girl!

Here's the story! On wednesday I went to the doctor and ended up having an ultrasound. I'm only fifteen weeks but the tech said she could most likely tell the gender of the baby. I knew I wanted to do the balloon reveal so I told her if she could be certain I wanted her to seal up the answer in an envelope so I couldn't see it. She took a look and I covered my eyes and she said she was 99% sure. So I went with it! After the visit I took the envelope to Party City and asked them to open it after I left and put either blue or pink balloons in a box and seal it up. This morning we had Brittany Toomey, photographer and friend, meet us at World's Fair Park. She took photos as we opened the box and found out we are going to be blessed with a daughter. It was so special and I will never forget it.

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