Monday, September 19, 2011

"Every Pregnancy is Different"

I've heard it since I got pregnant with Jareth. Most women will tell you that each of their pregnancies have differed in one way or another and it's completely normal. Well this momma's second pregnancy is nothing like the first. With Jareth I had nausea for about a week I think. My skin was beautiful, my hair was thick and gorgeous, and I was pretty much all belly. I didn't gain weight until my second trimester. This time its just the opposite. I've already gained 6 lbs and I just look fat. I started wearing maternity jeans two weeks ago! Also, I'm breaking out like a 14 yr old and my hair is super dry. Oh, and I've been sooo nauseas! It's been awful. Let's just say I'm not exactly "glowing" this time around.
Part of me is hoping that these differences mean a girl is on the way. I've heard before that "boys give beauty and girl's take it away." I've had several dreams that we are having a girl and the baby's heartrate is much faster than Jareth's was which they say also means girl. But recently I had a dream that we were having a boy. Either way it will be great but I admit I would like one of each. Plus the chinese gender predictor says I should be having a girl. Hopefully we will find out next wednesday if they decide to do an ultrasound.
Although the symptoms are different this time around the feelings are the same. We are so happy to be blessed with another baby. We can't wait to find out if we are gaining another son or a daughter. Then the name game begins! By the way we are taking suggestions!

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