Thursday, October 1, 2009

Full Term and Oh So Ready!

It is finally October and we are 37 weeks along today which is considered full term! That means Jareth's little body has matured enough to leave the watery world he is has lived in since January. And his mom couldn't be happier! Bring on the pineapple, spicy food, accupressure, long walks, and lovin'! I haven't been experiencing as many contractions lately so I am a little worried that at tomorrow's appointment they will tell me I'm still at 2 cm. Right now my worst fear is getting stuck at 2 and not getting to have him for three more weeks.
Last night we put the carrier in the car and packed a few more items in the hospital bag. We pre-registered at the hospital on Tuesday, filling out all of our paper work and discussing our birthing options. I'm still really wanting a natural labor and delivery. Hopefully I will be able to do it. Everything is set up and ready for Jareth's arrival. All that we need to do is keep the house clean and keep the pantry stocked. We are ready for you, Jareth!

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