Wednesday, October 14, 2009

4 cm and 100%

Today at my weekly appointment I found out that I am 4cm dilated and 100% effaced. Last week I was at 2 and 80. Hopefully this means that within the next few days I will go into labor. If not, then on Monday they want to induce me. I have mixed feelings about the induction. I have wanted to labor and deliver naturally since the beginning. I have educated myself on the risks and benifits of an induction and epidural and decided that the best way to go would be au naturale. Now it seems that my body and baby are ready but there is something keeping me from contracting regularly. Induction is extremely tempting. I can prepare fully for labor and delivery, my family and friends can make preparations to come to town, and it is a relief to now that he is really coming and soon. But do these advantages outweigh the risks associated with induction? On one hand, with an induction I risk not only a prolonged labor but a harder labor with more severe contractions. If the induction doesn't work I could end up having a c-section. On the other hand the induction could go smoothly and make labor go faster. Many women have great experiences with inductions. So what am I going to do? Well, I was told that there is a good chance that I will go into labor within the next few days. Emotionally and physically I feel like I can't go on much longer with the pregnancy. It is just getting very hard on me. So I am going to schedule the induction for Monday hoping that I will go into labor before then. I hope I am making the right choice for Jareth and myself. Part of me feels a little selfish for going ahead with the induction but I also feel a great sense of relief to know that he is coming soon.

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