Sunday, March 11, 2012

39 Weeks and Oh So Ready!

I am more than ready for Laney to be here. Honestly, I've been down right miserable since Thursday night. I started having contractions Thursday evening while we were watching tv. They seemed to let up during the night but on Friday they got more intense and more regular until finally I was having them between 5 and 7 minutes apart. I thought it was time. I had gone to Athens to have lunch with Danyell and to see my sister. I'd been having contractions all morning but they weren't very regular. After lunch I went to Dana's house and they were slowly getting closer together and more intense. She started timing them and within an hour they went from 10-12 to 5-7 minutes apart and they were lasting about a minute each. I called my OB and she told me to go to Park West. So, Dana drove me to Knoxville and I left Jareth with my father in law. When we got to the hospital I went to labor and delivery and they checked me into triage. After an exam, the nurse said I was at 3-4 cm but I was still only 50% effaced. They hooked me up to a monitor to measure my contractions. And of course they had slowed down. I was monitored for 2 hours before they finally sent me home. Fantastic.
It is now Sunday and I'm still having contractions although they aren't regular. I've had my "bloody show" and I feel like I'm about to drop a bowling ball. The bottom of my stomach is very sore. I feel like either my stomach muscles or uterus is being ripped open and Laney isn't moving much at all. I really thought we were going to be meeting her this weekend.
I have a dr appt in the morning so we will see what she says. They already offered to induce me on Wednesday so if that's still on the table I'm going to take it. I would induce tomorrow if they'd let me.

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