Thursday, December 8, 2011

Laney Girl Update

My appointment on Tuesday went great. I passed my glucose test and Laney is doing growing perfectly. She is still measuring about a week ahead which is fine with me. I'd rather have her a few days early than a few days late. She weighs in at almost 2lbs putting her in the 60th percentile. Last time she was in the 90th! She is in frank breach position but I was assured she still has plenty of time to move to where she needs to be for her grand enterance. It was quite funny seeing her little feet up by her face. I wish I were that flexible! I'm feeling good. I did gain 5lbs since my last visit. I blame Thanksgiving vacation of course. The only problems I've had are headaches and restless legs. I had both with Jareth also. I'm glad to say however that the heartburn hasn't been as bad this time around. I can't believe I'm 25 weeks along! It has absolutely flown by this time around! I hope the next couple of months go by just as fast. Then everything can slow down. I can't wait to see my little Laney!

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