Wednesday, December 14, 2011

95 Days to Go! So much to do!

Wow!!! I only have 95 days left to prepare for Miss Laney's debut, and that's if she were to come on her due date. There's so much to do and not a lot of time left to get it done. This month is just rolling on by and I expect next month to do the same. The next few weekends will be fairly busy with holiday parties, Christmas, and New Years. Then, in January, we have a little ski trip planned to Banner Elk. Of course I won't be skiing but the time I will get to myself will be much needed since my life is about to change dramatically. Being a mommy of two is going to be much different than a mommy of one I believe. I barely have any time to myself now so I really need to take advantage of what freedom I have left! I also need to take advantage of the time I have left to be with just Jareth. I hope he accepts his sister well. He isn't used to sharing mom and dad with anyone. He is pretty easy going and change doesn't seem to affect him too much, but then again we're talking about another human being in the house!
What do we have left to do to prepare for Laney? Lots. I still don't have her bedding made yet. I found the fabric here at Carousel Designs. The bedding is fairly expensive there but I can order the fabric and my grandmother has offered to help make it. I am starting to waver a little on my fabric choice though. I'm thinking of changing the lilac and green damask to a black and white damask with the same purple trim. I'm feeling very drawn to black and the mobile and lamp I made have black in them. I did pick out a paint color though. It's called Crocus by Benjamin Moore. Its a beautiful purple and goes great with the bedding. You can see it here. We clearly have to get to work on the nursery asap. Another thing we have to tackle is the closets. As I've said before, Jon uses the closet in the nursery. He is working on a plan to take better advantage of the closet space in our bedroom. I hope it works because we could use a lot more space! I don't know how we are going to fit two wardrobes in that tiny closet, but I have faith in the hubby. He will figure it out....He has to!
I also hope to have a shower for Laney. There hasn't been any talk of it yet, but I'm sure after the holdays it will be brought up. If not I may just plan my own! Mom and I have already bought a lot of clothes for her but there's still more things we need. We have a lot of boy stuff and I'd like Laney to have plenty of girl things! 
What else is there? I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting about but I will just have to take it one item at a time. The closet may come first! Wish us luck!

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