Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's on my mind....

Another baby, that is. I didn't think it would be so soon. Jareth is now almost 14 months old and for the longest time I didn't think I would want another baby for several years. Lately though I've been thinking about what it will be like to have two little Andersons running around. And now that I have a son I have been thinking about having a daughter. I would love for Jareth to have a little brother, brothers are great. But a little sister would be very sweet. I've caught myself crooning over tiny sweater dresses and tights. And bows are soooo cute! Oh, and I saw the most adorable little girl's boots the other day. They were black and furry and just precious..... oh dear..... I need to stop.
I'm really not ready for another baby yet. I finally lost the baby weight and Jon and I both have been working out at the Y several times a week. Plus, the thought of more diapers, wipes, and going back to formula and baby food sounds exhausting. "Exhausting" was the first word that came to mind. Plus, I still want more time with my little cricket. He is growing very fast and I want to let him be the baby for a little longer.
What I need is for some of my friends to have babies already! If you are reading, you know who you are! Cough, cough...Heather...cough, cough.....Erin.....cough, cough....Evelyn...cough. Sorry, I just had a major coughing fit for some reason ; )
Anyhoo, Jon and I did have a conversation the other night about when we want to try again. We are thinking this time next year. Maybe around September. Jareth would be about 3 when the next one is born. I think that's a good distance apart. So, that's the plan for now unless I get mega baby fever between now and then. Wish Jon luck.

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Lara said...

our babies were born about the same time (Emaleigh on 10/2/09) and we're thinking of having our #3 about the same distance as you mentioned. Our first 2 are almost 5 years apart! It was so nice though for Ben to have us all to himself for that long. He's so secure and knows his place in our hearts. Good luck on your plans!! It's so wonderful that you love being a mother as much as I do!!